Stop and Crunch the Leaves

Instead of mourning the passing of summer, notice the gradual shifts in the air as we welcome a new season. Watch as the leaves remain green on the trees but brown underfoot, a hint at what is to come. Notice the evenings getting darker and remember to light candles, embracing the cosiness. Make an autumn playlist. Read ghost stories. Read Harry Potter. Watch Harry Potter. Watch the Vampire Diaries. Bring out the thick jumpers and fluffy socks. Learn to knit. Bake cookies and cakes and bread. Treat yourself to your favourite autumnal hot drink in a cafe and bring a book that evokes cosiness within you. Find a corner of the cafe and read until the light fades. Make toffee apples. Carve pumpkins. Go for a morning walk in the crisp air. Don’t forget to stop and crunch the leaves.



  1. Your words conjure up some wonderful visions of what the Danes would probably term as ‘hygge’. Enjoying simple pleasures in the present without worrying too much about the future or regretting the past must be a recipe for a contented life.


    1. I agree! I love ‘hygge’ and did think about mentioning it in this post but wanted to keep it simple. I think we could all learn a lot from this concept


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