The books I read in 2022

Below I have ranked every book I’ve read in 2022 out of 5. Nothing received lower than 2 and my top tier seems to be reserved almost exclusively for Harry Potter! So far I’ve read 53 books, exceeding my yearly target of 52! I am currently reading ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ by OttessaContinue reading “The books I read in 2022”

Lost at Home

I long to escape Into bustling cities Filled with the hopefuls and the hopeless Into vintage book shops Where I can travel into lands of love And peace and imagination; Into deserted villages Where community was once hand-stitched Into every garden gate and passing neighbour. I want to disappear Into the arms of a strangerContinue reading “Lost at Home”

To Be Human

I recently went to see an Antony Gormley exhibition in Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. Prior to this trip, all I knew about this sculptor is that he is the artist behind ‘Another Place’ at Crosby Beach in Liverpool, a place I have spent many happy summers days with my friends and family at University. I alsoContinue reading “To Be Human”