Lost at Home

I long to escape Into bustling cities Filled with the hopefuls and the hopeless Into vintage book shops Where I can travel into lands of love And peace and imagination; Into deserted villages Where community was once hand-stitched Into every garden gate and passing neighbour. I want to disappear Into the arms of a stranger… Continue reading Lost at Home




On an evening in early spring When the sky was a black canvas Splashed with sparkling silver paint I tried to empty the thoughts that filled my mind Or at least divide them into categories, In my internal filing cabinet Only to find that the biggest folder Was overflowing with you It was a gradual… Continue reading Everything

art · Mental Health


Are you aware of how comfortably You lay in my arms, After you’d drowned in a thousand tears And I’d told you that I understood; There were days I couldn’t even breathe? And do you realise how soundly You slept next to me, The blood drying on your fragile skin, After I told you that… Continue reading Drowning


To Be Human

I recently went to see an Antony Gormley exhibition in Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. Prior to this trip, all I knew about this sculptor is that he is the artist behind ‘Another Place’ at Crosby Beach in Liverpool, a place I have spent many happy summers days with my friends and family at University. I also… Continue reading To Be Human