Matt Haig Book Tour

On Sunday 14th April, I was lucky enough to go to Matt Haig’s ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’ tour! I have mentioned Matt Haig in previous blog posts and he is one of my favourite authors. I think the first book I read of his was ‘The Humans’, about an alien who is sent toContinue reading “Matt Haig Book Tour”

The Importance of Rest

I have been thinking recently about the work obsessed culture we live in. Working overtime is encouraged and romanticised, seizing every opportunity and always saying ‘yes’ is pushed. It doesn’t end when we go home at 5pm – we are always so busy. Our social calendars are always full, we are constantly trying to makeContinue reading “The Importance of Rest”

Live A Better Life: Vegan Fair.

Veganism is everywhere now – inescapable. The interest of many people has been sparked as veganism is discussed more and more and becoming part of our society. According to The Vegan Society, ‘Demand for meat-free food increased by 987% in 2017 and going vegan was predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2018’. AsContinue reading “Live A Better Life: Vegan Fair.”

A Beginner’s Guide to Saving the Planet

With environmental concerns pervading the news, it is hard to escape the horrors of the potential future of the planet. If, like me, you are often kept up at night worrying about climate change, the environment and the future of Earth, you can ease your conscience by knowing there are in fact ways you canContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Saving the Planet”

Mindfulness Changed My Life.

One of the key things that has genuinely significantly improved my mental health over the past few months has been mindfulness. I was skeptical at first, I’d give meditating a go, get frustrated, and write it off. After going on a 5 week course learning about mindfulness and practising with a group, I can honestlyContinue reading “Mindfulness Changed My Life.”

Thank you, 2018.

2018 has been a year of huge significance for me. It may not look like it to outsiders, but so much has happened and I have learnt more than ever. Mental Health The biggest thing that has happened for me has been the improvements in my mental health, following some of the hardest times IContinue reading “Thank you, 2018.”

How to go Veggie!

For a long time I began feeling guilty about eating meat. It got to the point where I just couldn’t justify it any more. Whether for ethical, environmental, health or other reasons, if you are considering going vegetarian, or cutting down on meat, look no further! Personally, I did not want to suddenly go ‘coldContinue reading “How to go Veggie!”