Live A Better Life: Vegan Fair.

Vegan Cheese

Veganism is everywhere now – inescapable. The interest of many people has been sparked as veganism is discussed more and more and becoming part of our society. According to The Vegan Society, ‘Demand for meat-free food increased by 987% in 2017 and going vegan was predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2018’. As much as some people think this is merely a fad, I am a firm believer that veganism is here to stay.

I am a baby vegan, beginning my journey at the end of January this year. I have to say, I am absolutely loving it. So when I saw a Facebook event for a vegan fair (Live A Better Life) in Liverpool one Saturday in March, I couldn’t resist. I am a sucker for fairs, markets, stalls, independent shops and anything vegan.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed! St George’s Hall was filled with 130 stalls selling everything from vegan cheeses to ethical clothing and vegan make up. I picked up a free tote bag and white Vego bar from a table promoting Colu, an app which encourages consumers to support local businesses. Cam bought me a ‘moo free’ chocolate orange Easter egg and bought himself a garlic cheese which tastes amazing. After walking around the hall and being tempted by almost everything, Cam and I finally decided on where to get our lunch. We both had burgers from Wholesome Junkies – Cam had a Truffle Burger and I was, as always, reeled in by the jackfruit burger (a fruit which is often used to imitate pulled pork). Cam told me it was one of the best burgers he had ever eaten, including from when he ate meat! I had also been tempted by the sushi, ‘fish’ and chips and lots of cake stalls. I enjoyed a mint chocolate vegan ice cream from the Ice Cream Ladies who told us that from a lot of trial and error, they have perfected their ice creams using coconut milk!

Throughout the day, we chatted to many people on their stalls, such as a lovely guy from the Ellesmere Port Vegans and a man running the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS). Everyone at the fair was non-judgemental and friendly, giving the day a community feel. We sat and listened to The Joannas for a bit and there were also talks on veganism and ethical living throughout the day.

If you asked me what the true meaning of veganism is, I would tell you about the LABL fair. A day of kind, caring individuals united in compassion for animals, the planet and their health joining in a day of wholesome activities.


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